Perhentian’07 ~ The Barge, Sigi Bay, Tiger Rock . . .. May 14, 2007

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Just back from the Perhentian Trip over the weekend, still thinking of the bubbles under the sea. : )

This time visited a few dive sites which I never been to before, its owesome, especially “the Barge”!!! It sinked about 14years ago… It locates around 26m under the sea, attracted many fishes and underwater species gathering there like cuttlefish, bamboo sharks, Barracudas, groupers and many more…

Can you imagine many many barracudas and jacks swims in front of you… a big skools of bumphead parrotfishes eating and swiming near by you.. … ..

img_2251.jpg      img_2262.jpg     img_2267.jpg

Eric and me                 My buddy Hooi Loo and me…..

p5110060.jpg       img_0021.jpg   p5120110.jpg            

Bumphead Parrotfish  Cuttle Fish                 The Barge 

 img_6059.jpg         img_3184.jpg   nemo.jpg

Lion Fish… (Its poisonous!)   Batfishes               Crownfish (Nemo)

Note: Pictures taken by Eric from Bubbles Dive Centre. Highly recommended Eric (instructor) if you would like to take Open Water or Advance Course. He’s really a very considering, caring and patient instructor. Thumbs up!!


2 Responses to “Perhentian’07 ~ The Barge, Sigi Bay, Tiger Rock . . ..”

  1. ahhong Says:

    ha..em….envy wo..

  2. applenix Says:

    No need envy le.. You can come too. I can assure you it’s fun. : )

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