Target: Reduce 62kg to 54kg in 5 months, starts from 01May07 May 31, 2007

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Today is 31May. Yes!  First month target achieved with the action plan below! Weight recorded today 60kg. Here’s the plan . . .. ~

Target: Reduce 62kg to 54kg in 5 months. Starts from 01May, 2kg/month and the 5th month maintain 54kg.

Action Plan:

1. Meal Rules: Cut down all fried stuff, carbohydrates, western food –> No Rice, No Mee, No Bread, No fastfood, No BBQ Chicken Wings. >.<

2. Exercise 3 times a week. Either swimming, yoga, gym, intro to step classes and etc. 

Punishment: If meal rules broken once, extra exercise one more time. Broken twice then exercise 2 more time on top of the 3 exercises per week. 


Perhentian’07 ~ The Barge, Sigi Bay, Tiger Rock . . .. Part2 May 22, 2007

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Today just received an email for underwater pictures from Yueh Wai during the recent trip to Perhentian.

After get his generous permission, here you goes~

Got Squat lobster, Nudibranch, Cuttlefish, Box Fish, Eggs and Crab…

squat-lobster_01.jpg nudibranch_021.jpg nudibranch_01.jpg

cuttlefish.jpg box-fish.jpg Nudibranch

eggs1.jpg crab.jpg   Shot by Yueh Wai.

Remark: Yueh Wai – A Singapore Diver friend from Mad Divers Club (MDC). : )


Perhentian’07 ~ The Barge, Sigi Bay, Tiger Rock . . .. May 14, 2007

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Just back from the Perhentian Trip over the weekend, still thinking of the bubbles under the sea. : )

This time visited a few dive sites which I never been to before, its owesome, especially “the Barge”!!! It sinked about 14years ago… It locates around 26m under the sea, attracted many fishes and underwater species gathering there like cuttlefish, bamboo sharks, Barracudas, groupers and many more…

Can you imagine many many barracudas and jacks swims in front of you… a big skools of bumphead parrotfishes eating and swiming near by you.. … ..

img_2251.jpg      img_2262.jpg     img_2267.jpg

Eric and me                 My buddy Hooi Loo and me…..

p5110060.jpg       img_0021.jpg   p5120110.jpg            

Bumphead Parrotfish  Cuttle Fish                 The Barge 

 img_6059.jpg         img_3184.jpg   nemo.jpg

Lion Fish… (Its poisonous!)   Batfishes               Crownfish (Nemo)

Note: Pictures taken by Eric from Bubbles Dive Centre. Highly recommended Eric (instructor) if you would like to take Open Water or Advance Course. He’s really a very considering, caring and patient instructor. Thumbs up!!


Chumporn Pinacle: A Date with the Gentle Giant (Gulf of Thailand) May 9, 2007

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Hi All,

New place to dive:-

It’s a liveaboard diving for big animal search. Chumporn Pinacle located between Chumporn Province and Ko Tao, our dive area will include all the famous sites around these 2 areas, as well as the party night at Ko Tao (or Ko Phanga if the timing is right). June to July is the best season to dive here as the big animal are most frequently sighted in the area. 

Selling price: RM1650/person ex-Bangkok (the ticket is cheap at the moment RM39.99)
Maximum number of diver: 16 pax

General Schedule
Day 1
Flight to Bangkok – (Malaysian) AK886 arrival 1715 (RM39.99)
Bus to Chumporn
On-board Dinner

Day 2 – Day 3
Breakfast, lunch, dinner
3 day dives + 1 night dives

Day 4
Breakfast + Dive 1 + Dive 2
Lunch + Dive 3
Off board – Bus to Bangkok
Check in Hotel
Dinner and happy hour!!!

Day 5
breakfast + Check out hotel
transfer to airport
Flight home – (Malaysian) AK881 home 1305 (RM39.99)

I’m not able to join this BKK Trip as I’m going to Perhentian for diving tomorrow!! Happy Diving..~ 

Pls contact Alex Tan 012-2938388 for more details about BKK LOB trip above.


爱是用心不是用力 May 8, 2007

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有人说, “每个人都是依附在另一个人体中存活, 成长到出生的, 所以与生俱来有寻求伴侣的需求, 好让生命完整. ”

我们终其一生寻找爱, 是为了让生命完整, 因为生命的开始就已经不是独立的个体.

爱情不是人生的全部, 但有了另一半, 生命才完整.

但若只是用力爱, 却没有用心去爱, 有一天还是会失去对方.

你呢? 是用力, 还是用心呢?


Open Concept Bar May 6, 2007

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The nicest Open Concept Bars in KL….

untitled.jpg     Sky Bar @ Traders Hotel

And …

luna.jpg     Luna Bar @ Pacific Regency

Which one you prefer the most? : )



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